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Reward offered...

Freelance Web Design & Development 'Gun For Hire', Jamie Kemp, aka - Jim On Earth - is at large and available in London town.

Well armed with both creative and technical skills, this multifaceted slinger shoots design from his right, and development from his left. Specialist strengths lay in front-end development, with the wiliest of jQuery skills demonstrating extreme DOM manipulation. Creativity is evident not only in design, but also in development!

Known to have previously run with gangs such as AQKQ, EHS Brann, Hogarth WW, and This individual falls in quickly with new teams, and is dangerously adaptable to uncharted terrain.

Substantial reward is offered in the capture of this 'Gun for hire'. If you are able to contract him, you'll be paid up fully by excellent work.


Here's a few projects I last worked on, covering London agency contracts, as well as my own clients.

Paperhat FTP

Paperhat FTP has been merged from a creative design/marketing agency, and a retouching/cgi agency (David Bailey's favourite!)

Already working for the creative half of this merge, I was tasked with this exicting blank canvas project, to design and build their new site!

I built this using HTML5 Boilerplate. Coded to Ajax content load, using jQuery BBQ for hashchange on page change, it functions in effect as a single page loading site. The work section uses Quicksand to a very interesting engaging effect. Oh, and don't forget the images..!

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Advertising Banners

I've really enjoyed working on advertising banners. Fun mini-projects combining design, animation, code and invention. I found myself working on these jobs more and more before I left for South America.

Below are some examples, working for various agencies, such as, AKQA, EHS Brann, Publicis Modem and Dare.

Sorry! The banner links are only available on desktop views supporting Flash.

They're pretty cool though, make sure you check them out!

Aon - Insurance
BT - Vision
BT - Digital Vault
BT - Contact One
HP - Deals
Nike - Run

on pulses
Tesco - Greener Living

At the time of launch the site cms didn't support flash banners, so these are a series 'old school' gif banners I created as an alternative.






Veet - Wax & Cream
Vodafone - Curve

Some initial animation testing as part of this banner work!

Gordon Murray Design Ltd

Prof. Gordon Murray is a renowned designer of Formula One race cars and the McLaren F1 road car. Gordon Murray Design Ltd is an innovator in developing new methods of design and production for ultra-ecomonic petrol and electric city cars.

When this new company was set up, I was asked design and manage all web media. I'd previously spent a year working full time for McLaren, producing design work for their McLaren SLR road car.

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Tesco Greener living

Working for the design and branding agency EHS Brann, this was my last London agency contract before moving to South America.

I spent 7 months on this project, covering the latter part of design proof work, through to launch, and then update and maintenance.

Always happy to be diverse, I also worked on a number of other client projects for EHS Brann whenever needed.

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I spent 5 months working for the design and branding agency AKQA.

Originally contracted to produce Flash banners for a Nike, upon completion I was quickly retained to work on the new Fiat website.

I typically created Photoshop layouts continuing the site concept design, attending project meetings and working to briefs. As is fairly usual, I worked on other AKQA client projects whereever needed...

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Perfect Integration

A straightforward information website. Designed, developed and integrated with the CMS Made Simple, content management system.

Client has full control for easy edit/creation of pages. The defined editable areas cover site header images, and the main content area. Menu structure's self-populate from new content. The flash menu has a non-flash alternative to keep mobile friendly and accessible. Font replacement is handled using the Cufon method...

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Mercedes Benz - Print Retouching

The last agency role I worked at purely in a retouching role was for the iconic German advertising agency Springer Jacoby, producing an accessories brochure for Mercedes Benz.

Although this contract was quite some time ago now, my photoshop retouching skills aren't something I've ever lost, and so I wanted to represent this work here still.

I'm not actively pursuing retouching work right now, but I do have an old CV website (BC - Before CSS!) that continues to gain me projects.

- Visit

Design & Visual Concepts

The design brief we established for this site, was to be fairly design minimalist. The primary focus was to be the project imagery.

The text content here needed be stripped back and ultra concise. Discussing the core fundamentals of their services, and clarifying Design & Visual's high expertise and major showcase works.

Work on this site also covered extensive retouching to correct and enhance photography shot in less than ideal conditions. A library of eshot campaigns and mailing list management was setup. Continued support is provided in updates, new eshots, and PPC management.


I been developing and designing for web for over 12 years. Originally apprenticed in the print industry 17 years ago, my skills soon evolved into design and development. I now work predominantly as a creative front-end developer. My work often covers a wide scope of design, development, consultation and support.

Being a bit of a 'devigner', I'd say my design skills bring an extra level of understanding and solution to my development work.


- Hand coded HTML, CSS & Javascript / jQuery.
- Web design & development.
- Flash & Actionscript.
- CMS & eCommerce.
- Strong PHP / MySQL.
- Magento/WordPress/Joomla.


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